[LIST] The Top 3 Indianapolis Real Estate Investing Facebook Groups

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It’s no secret by now that social media plays a big role in a lot of our lives. However, platforms like Facebook have turned into channels that provide so much more than just “poking” your friends or scrolling through photos of your Aunt’s cats. Facebook can provide real communities and education if you know where […]

3 Misconceptions of Buying an Indianapolis Rental Property As-Is””

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For Indianapolis real estate Investors, there are many factors to consider when analyzing a deal. A factor you may or may not have considered, is if a property is being sold as-is. At some point, those two little words may have raised a red flag in your brain to run the other way, and understandably […]

Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Zionsville

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Just Northwest of Indianapolis lies the quaint, little suburb of Zionsville. This affluent community has been around since 1852 and was named for a pioneer by the name of William Zion.  Zionsville is probably best known for its historic, downtown area which is lined with cobblestone streets and cute, little shops and restaurants. As of […]

Indianapolis Real Estate Investments: Single-Family vs. Multi-Family

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As a current or future Real Estate Investor, you’ve likely given some thought as to what type of rental properties you want to acquire. The big debate really comes down to 2 main categories, single-family (SFR) vs. multi-family (MFR).  So, which one is right for you? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and similar to […]

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