Devon L. Hicks

Devon L. Hicks

As well as being a licensed Realtor, Devon has her Bachelors in Marketing from Missouri State University and utilizes her skills in a variety of ways to educate and advise real estate investors in the Central Indiana region.

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Navigating Inspections In A Seller’s Market As An Indianapolis Real Estate Investor

    By Devon L. Hicks 2022-03-28

If you've been trying to purchase rental properties in Central Indiana for the last couple of years, then you know how tough the market is. From multi-family to single family, from turnkey to rehabs - the competition is stiff. Buyers know it, and so do Sellers. With multiple offers submitted…


    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-10-15

About 25 miles south of Indianapolis lies the Johnson County city of Franklin, Indiana. With a current estimated population of 26,414, Franklin is the 39th largest city in Indiana. Since 2010, the population has grown 11.40%. Franklin offers a sparse suburban feel, with a revitalizing Downtown area.  The median age…


    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-10-13

We If you're a current Client, or have spent much time on our website, you know what we have a fully functioning brokerage. It's something we're proud of and something our Clients benefit from -- whether we're helping them add to their Portfolios or, when the time comes, sell their property.…

Indianapolis Real Estate Investing: The 2021 Outlook

    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-05-10

As one of the Agents here at T&H Realty, I speak with numerous investors on a weekly basis. Most of those conversations go something like this: “HI, I’m Joe Investor and I’m looking to purchase properties in Indianapolis. I’ve heard it’s a great area to invest, and real estate is…

3 Keys to Successfully Buying Indianapolis Rental Properties in 2021

    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-03-07

*Originally published 05/05/2019 and updated 03/07/2021* For the past several years, we’ve been a go-to Company for many investors around the world, all in search of the great real estate deals Indianapolis has to offer.  Indianapolis is, without question, a hot bed for real estate investment. Everyone wants a piece…

Should I Have a Sewer Scope Done When Purchasing an Indianapolis Rental Property?

    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-02-22

I think we can all agree that the inspection phase is one of, if not the most, nerve racking part of purchasing a property. There are a ton of factors to consider and you just never know what might be discovered. Our stance on home inspections is that you should…

(2021) 7 Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should Be Reading

    By Devon L. Hicks 2021-02-14

A while back, Feedspot voted us #20 on a list of the top 80 Property Management Blogs. We were thrilled and flattered, but more so surprised and excited to see all of the resources out there for landlords and rental property investors.  We pride ourselves on our blog and do…

[List] T&H’s Top 10 Indianapolis Property Management Blogs of 2020

    By Devon L. Hicks 2020-12-30

2020 has given us a lot to reflect on.  As we look back out our top 10 blogs of the year, we're reminded of the countless curveballs and learning experiences 2020 has brought us.  The Covid-19 Crisis re-shaped many aspects of life, and the rental real estate market is no…

[LIST] The Top 3 Indianapolis Real Estate Investing Facebook Groups

    By Devon L. Hicks 2020-11-16

It's no secret by now that social media plays a big role in a lot of our lives. However, platforms like Facebook have turned into channels that provide so much more than just "poking" your friends or scrolling through photos of your Aunt's cats. Facebook can provide real communities and…

3 Misconceptions of Buying an Indianapolis Rental Property As-Is””

    By Devon L. Hicks 2020-04-27

For Indianapolis real estate Investors, there are many factors to consider when analyzing a deal. A factor you may or may not have considered, is if a property is being sold as-is. At some point, those two little words may have raised a red flag in your brain to run…