Indianapolis Property Management Update: Rental Statistics Q2 2024

It seems investors are beginning to make the smart choice to not spike rents during the busier season. We still are just not seeing the demand currently to back up those big rent increases, and others investors are starting to take notice.  Speaking of demand, the number of homes leased saw a 20% decrease compared […]

Should I Rent or Sell My Home in 2024?

Deciding whether to rent or sell your house is a significant decision that can impact your financial future. With the current real estate market’s high interest rates, the choice becomes even more complex. This guide will explore the pros and cons of renting versus selling, helping you make an informed decision. The Pros of Renting […]

The 5 Reasons You Need an Investor-Focused Agent

While we have always suggested having an investor-focused agent, recent news in the industry makes it an even better idea. July 1st marks a significant shift where buyers might start footing the bill for their agent’s commission. Traditionally, it’s been a perk—sellers cover the cost. But recent legal battles and changes may change all of […]

How Many Investment Properties Can I Successfully Self-Manage?

Investing in rental properties holds the allure of financial independence and long-term wealth. And we get it, it can be super lucrative. But it can also be a lot of ups, downs, and work. The road to success in real estate investment is not linear, and your needs may change as your portfolio changes. While some […]

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