10 ways th realty helps our owners

How T&H Helps Owners

1. Rent Collection – T&H Realty Services takes the hassle out of rent collection. Not only do we ensure swift & consistent rent collection, property owners can monitor monthly income online through our unique Owner Portals.

2. Local knowledge of rental rates – The most important factor to fast rentals & quick cash flow is a good knowledge of local rental rates. T&H Realty Services has more than 10 years of experience pricing homes for the Indianapolis rental market.

3. Full Tenant Screening – Our application process includes a criminal background check, credit check, eviction check, landlord history, and proof of current income.

4. Marketing Expertise – T&H Realty Services utilizes a variety of constantly expanding resources, both online & offline, to maximize property exposure in the Central Indiana rental market.

5. Landlord-Tenant Laws & Regulations – Our thorough and consistent procedures reflect our extensive knowledge of Landlord-Tenant laws & regulations to assist our Owners in being in compliance.

6. Reliable Professionals – We maintain a list of preferred professionals to assist our Owners with occasional repairs and routine maintenance. Our vendors enjoy doing business with T&H Realty Services, and work hard to maintain our standards of reliable, prompt and quality service.

7. Property Inspection Reports – We conduct a routine 6-month inspection of every rental property, as well as an inspection of every rental property before and after a tenancy.

8. Screened Emergency Calls – Pardon the interruption! We handle all emergency calls from our tenants, so you don’t have to! After assessing the situation, we schedule necessary repairs and notify our Owners as needed.

9. Straightforward Costs – T&H Realty Services charges transparent, monthly fees to manage your property. Here’s an example: Assuming a $1,200/month rental, your fee is $120 per month, or only $4/day! This small fee buys you hassle-free income!

10. FREE TIME! – Your time is worth money. Don’t waste your valuable free time managing your rental property when we have the resources to provide you with professional 24-hour property management — it’s our job!

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